Super Monday Night Combat

Almost a week ago now, I got into the Invitationals for Super Monday Night Combat (Shortened to Super MNC). The sequel/follow up to Uber Entertainment’s Monday Night Combat (MNC).

MNC was released in early 2011 and was advertised as a “Class-Based Third-Person Shooter”. It sported game play that reminded me a lot of a popular Warcraft 3 mod, Defense of the Ancients (DotA). DotA’s success as a mod spawned numerous games that emulated and built upon it’s unique style. These games, now forged into their own sort of sub-genre of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) have become increasingly popular and notorious for their high skill levels and highly elitist communities. MNC was not an exception to this rule. Slowly but surely, it’s poor community seemed to have ridden it into the ground, the fact that the game required purchase not helping it in this regard.

From the looks of it, Super MNC seems to want to build upon the original and create an over all better game. This time as a Free to play with micro-transactions to buy things like taunts, alternate uniforms, etc. So long as they don’t sell anything that disrupts balance, I can see this working quite favorably.

Currently, Super MNC is in an invitational stage and will be released spring this year.

After getting my invitation code, I jumped into the game as soon as I could. I queued up for a quick match and quickly glanced over my options for characters, or “Pros” as they are called in-game. Selecting the Monocle wearing robot named Karl, I saw my teammates and opponents selecting their own pros. Shortly after, the game began and Team Hot Shots was pitted against Team Ice Men in a jungle looking arena. Two lanes of bots started moving down predetermined paths past friendly turrets, meeting up with enemy bots that, of course, passed enemy turrets. They happily shot at each other while stationary, a common thing for MOBAs, while the Pros ran around killing bots for Experience to level up and upgrade their skills, occasionally clashing with enemy pros. A few minutes of this and most of the players were up to level 3 at least. I had finally gotten a feel for the different abilities and figured out their key bindings in time for an announcer to tell all of the players that the “annihilator” would be ready in thirty seconds. I watched as my teammates scrambled to the center of the map, going head to head with the enemy players and ignoring the bots, and for good reason. Those thirty seconds determined which team would activate the annihilator, destroying all of the opposing team’s bots and severely injuring their pros.

Every five minutes this would occur, with teams pushing hard to secure this scale tipping device to let their bots progress further and hopefully destroy the enemy turrets, gaining much needed money and moving ever closer to victory. Taking part in team battles to secure a neutral objective is something that isn’t quite common for MOBAs.

Killing enemy pros is still an important aspect of the game, as it removes said pro from the game for a certain amount of time, depending on their level and gives the killed a sizable amount of money which can be used to activate the annihilator, summon additional bots, or buy temporary boosts.

Eventually my team pushed passed the enemy defenses and escorted our bots the opponent’s Money Ball, where they took down it’s shield and allowed us to take it’s health down until it exploded in a shower of money, declaring our victory.

After this, we were taken to a post game stats screen, detailing how much progressive experience I gained and how much money I gained towards unlocking new Pros.

Overall, I’ve had a fantastic time with Super MNC. It’s a MOBA game that is more accessible to people, like myself, who have more experience with shooters than RTS. I can see this game becoming much greater than its predecessor and a reasonable competitor to other popular MOBAs, so long as the micro-transactions don’t become buying power and the community doesn’t become as elitist as MNC.

Check out Super MNC on the Steam Store or sign up for the Invitational.

If you care to play a game with me, I can be found on Steam here.

Until next time,