About Steve From Shipping

My real name is Tyler Reid, I’m eighteen years of age, not actually named Steve, and love to explore internet culture, especially the kind that relates to video games.

I got into gaming when I first picked up a Nintendo 64 controller to play some Super Smash Bros at a child care center while I waited for my father to pick me up after work. That love grew after I went to Taiwan with my family and was exposed to the wonder that was Warcraft 3. Upon my return, I got my own copy of the game and forever became a PC gamer.

To this day, I spend my time playing TF2, Planetside 2, Minecraft, Civilization V, and many other games.

This blog of mine will be dedicated to my adventures within gaming and a place for me to share my experiences and opinions.

Feel free to add me on Steam, where I go by my usual persona, Steve From Shipping.


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