Black Mesa

Gordon Freeman is iconic to the FPS genre. The crowbar wielding theoretical physicist that battles aliens is the lead character in Valve’s claim to fame, Half-Life.

Even today Half-Life stands up as nothing less than incredible, showing signs of the old style exploration in FPS with the more modern flavor of current gen games. Of course, after all this time, the fourteen year old game shows its age in the visuals, but who better to remedy that than the fans themselves?

Welcome, to Black Mesa. A full on remake of Half-Life in the Source Engine.

Every bit of the game has been touched upon, bringing it even more to life than it was originally while keeping the story alive.

For someone like myself, tired of the short, linear FPS that plague the current market, Black Mesa provides a new way to experience a game that most everyone knows and loves.

Amid all of the nostalgia that is invoked with Black Mesa, only one glaring issue presents itself to me: jumping was nerfed. Every crate that looks easily jumpable actually requires a crouch jump, making the game a bit more clunky than necessary, taking into account the large amounts of platforming required, though this is a minor complaint when I can enjoy a game that brought me into the gaming world with oh so much more atmosphere.

While this mod doesn’t include the Xen levels, it’s still very much worth a look considering its low, low price of free and the fact that the devs are working on expanding the Xen campaign to be released separately.

Pick up the mod here or grab the excellent soundtrack here.

If you have the time to try it out, go for it and relive the glory of the first, because we all know that a new one is a long while away.


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